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Updating actuals

so that the duration can be calculated and auto-updated when resources work more or less than planned.Or if the task has not finished, the actual start date and the actual duration.recommends that your organization use the Hours of Work Done Per day or Per Week (Hours of Work Done Per Period in Project Server 2007) method for tracking progress in Project Server.

Use the Tracking View, Tracking Table and Tracking Toolbar (the word "Tracking" is a giveaway) for this.You are asking your resource to tell you what percentage of the work is complete.You then enter this information into the „Resource Usage” view by adding in the „(%) Work Complete” field. What is the best way for me to mark tasks as complete and not affect the actuals? That is, type in the actual start date and the actual finish date. I have resource loaded and baselined my schedule and have been collecting actual hours worked at the assignment level and in some cases, remaining work estimates. Now, some tasks I want to mark as 100 percent complete, but don? As I understand it, if I type in the Percent Work Complete value, MS Project will assume the planned work hours was what it took to get the job done (e.g., if 80 hours were expected, but they finished task in 57 hours, if I enter 100 percent Work Complete, Project will show 80 actual hours). for EVM tracking purposes if that is something else to consider. automatically set the the task to 100% complete and you will have the right nbr of actual hrs." id="ctl00_m_m_i_ctl00_gr_ctl03_bestanswerbody" class="textarea-bestanswerhidden" name="bestanswerbody" answerbody Id="2912725" /It is better to start with durations and dates, just as you do in the first stage of planning, in which you estimate durations first, and then deal with assignments and work after.

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„Update Task...” to enter percent complete or actual information.

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