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Hi, Some time ago, I did a few tests on Go Daddy on available domain names and after some creative options, I came up with one that I liked.I then compared the name with some other options against my targeted market and it turned out really popular.In fact, much like buying a home with the best address in town, your domain name is probably one of the biggest choices you have to make because picking the wrong domain name can be like buying the perfect house in the wrong zip code — bad investment choice. Choosing a domain name, though important, isn’t hard to do, but it does take some time and thought on your end.

From Wikipedia: February 2007, the CEO of Go Daddy reported that of 55.1 million domain names registered, 51.5 million were canceled and refunded just before the 5 day grace period expired and only 3.6 million domain names were actually kept.""In January 2008, Network Solutions was publicly accused of this practice when the company began reserving all domain names searched on their website for five days,[7] a practice known as domain name front running."As I just posted elsewhere in this thread -- the "go to the domain" idea is also flawed, in that ISPs sell that information to would-be domain squatters as well.All data and opinion is based on my experience as a paying customer or consultant to a paying customer.Before we look at the pros & cons, there are a couple items to mention. They allow you to claim, register & manage domain names.Google Domains is a domain name registrar owned and operated by Google.Google rolled out the product in 2014, and it’s still in “beta” as of 2016.

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