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From the employer’s perspective, office romances can result in some awkward situations, especially if things go bad.

For example, if two employees end a relationship on bad terms, they would likely have to continue seeing each other at work every day.

This may be hindered by a major breakup between employees.

However, preventing your employees from dating could cause unwanted resentment. First consider the Pros and Cons of allowing dating in the workplace. Pros: • People who work together should know each other better than two people set up on a blind date, improving the chances that their relationship lasts.

Workplace romance exists when two members of the same organization develop a relationship with mutual attraction.

Intermingling within the workplace may cause damages to morale and productivity in the workplace.

() Indeed, relationships that begin as consensual between supervisors and subordinates may later form the basis of a lawsuit.

If they do choose to interfere, what department should be in control of handling the situation and what policies should be set if workplace romances do happen., many of us look no further than where we spend the majority of our time: the workplace.In fact, 4 out of 10 people have dated someone at work and 17 percent have done it twice.With so many people falling in love at the office, it’s important for employers to understand the cost of workplace romance and what can be done to minimize its impact.“We see the people we work with more than anyone else.In many corporate cultures, people work together for many hours a day, often well into the evening.

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Because the two employees work together, they see each other almost daily, providing them with ample time to learn each other’s work ethics, personalities, and even beliefs.